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pediatric ophthalmology
The Pediatric Ophthalmology, squint and neuro ophthalmology service involves not only diagnosis and management of various facets of pediatric eye disorders like refractive error, childhood cataract, glaucoma, amblyopia, squint, congenital anomalies,etc.. but also adult patients with squint/ double vision, nerve paralysis.

The facility available includes a comprehensive array of tests and therapy:
  1. Visual acuity testing
  2. Fixation targets for distance and near & accommodative near targets
  3. Prisms (Fresnel prisms and prism bars)
  4. Worth Four dots Test torch for near and distance
  5. Bagolini's glasses 6. Stereoacuity charts (Titmus Fly test, Random dot test)
  6. Neutral density bar
  7. Contrast sensitivity tests
  8. Color vision charts (Ishiara's test)
Sophisticated instruments for various surgeries like:-
  1. Correction of vertical and horizontal squints
  2. Cataract surgery and secondary IOL implantation
  3. Childhood eye injuries
  4. Minor procedures like foreign body removal and chalazion etc.
  5. Amblyopia therapy
  6. Eye exercises
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