Femto Cataract Surgery
Bharti eye foundation was established in 1985 with a sole aim of providing world class and most recent eye technology and has come a long way since then. Dr. S. Bharti, the Medical Director and Senior Consultant ophthalmology has the passion.
» First eye examination of the child should be done at the age of 3 years. It can be done earlier also if family history of eye problem present or the child is rubbing eyes too much or squinting...
» 20/20/20 Rule: Take a break after 20 minutes for 20 seconds by looking 20 feet away. This is to relax muscles for people using computers too much.
» Drinking to much water at one go in morning can increase eye pressure which is harmful more so f
» Your eyes need rest, so make sure you get a good amount of sleep everyday.
» Femto Cataract Surgery
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