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Welcome to Bharti Eye Foundation
Bharti eye foundation was established in 1985 with a sole aim of providing world class and most recent eye technology and has come a long way since then. Dr. S. Bharti, the Medical Director and Senior Consultant ophthalmology has the passion for the adopting latest technology and possessing the most advanced ophthalmic equipment and in last 20 years has many firsts to his name.

Blade free lasik laser vision correction with Z-Lasik 1K is the most advanced Wavefront Lasik technology. It incorporates a combination of 1 KHz Zeimer Femto- second laser and NIDEK "Quest" Exclaime with 1000 Hz Eye Tracking and Iris-registration giving the most accurate results. The combination is fastest andtake very short time , to track and correct the eye powers(All-Myopia Hyperopia, Astigmatism ) as well as the correction of near glasses(Prebyopia)with most accurate results. Dr.Bharti has the distinction of performing the FIRST LASIK IN DELHI. Read More
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    Flashes or black floaters in eye require dilated retina examination.
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    The eye muscles are most active muscles in the whole body.
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    The eye can process 36,000 bits of information every hour.
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    Eyes are composed of more than two million working parts.
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    A normal lifespan will bring you almost 24 millions images of the world around you.
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    Glaucoma can silently steel your vision. Annual eye check up can detect this.
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    A blink of an eye lasts about one tenth of a second.
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    Dacryphilia is the arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of a partner.
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    Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you away from crying.
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    Men can read smaller print than women, women can hear well.
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    You can't sneeze with your eyes open (you can try it!!).
ROP Clinic
ROP Clinic
Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a potentially blinding eye disorder that primarily affects premature infants weighing about (1500grams) or less that are born before 32 weeks of gestation. The smaller a baby is at birth, the more likely that baby is to develop ROP. This disorder which usually develops in both...
  • Diabetic eye care clinic
    Diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease and a leading cause of blindness in india...
  • thyroid eye treatment
    The Thyroid Eye clinic offers coordinated, multidisciplinary care by...
  • Dry eye treatment
    Dry eye is a group of disorders in which either you don't produce...
Speciality Services Offered
Our team
  • Dr. S. Bharti
    Dr. S. Bharti
    M.B;B.S , M.S. (Ophthalmology)
    Director & Senior Consultant
    Specialist in Phaco emulsification, Diseases of Cornea
    and Refractive Surgery, Glaucoma.
  • Dr. Sudhir Bhatia
    Dr. Sudhir Bhatia
    Senior consultant,
    General ophthalmologistdr
  • Dr. Dharitri Samantaray
    Dr. Dharitri Samantaray
    M.B;B.S. M.S.(Ophthalmoloigy)
    Senior Consultant
    Medical General Ophthalmology.
  • Dr. Bhupesh Singh
    Dr. Bhupesh Singh
    Cornea, Cataract and refractive surgery specialist
  • Dr. Neha Bharti
    Dr. Neha Bharti
    Retina and Uvea specialist
  • Dr. Bhuvan Chanana
    Dr. Bhuvan Chanana
    retina and vitreous, Uvea
  • Dr. Archana Gupta Mahajan
    Dr. Archana Gupta Mahajan
    Senior consultant- Pediatric ophthalmology, Squint and neuro-ophthalmology
  • Dr. Mridula Mehta
    Dr. Mridula Mehta
    Senior consultant- Oculoplastics and Aesthetic services
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